About Us

Welcome to LoansCalc, a place where you can find out how much different specific loans will cost you to repay.  The tools on this website are designed for Americans: they take into account specific parameters that are valid for loans taken in the U.S., however, they can be used regardless of where you live, if you just exclude those parameters. Loan arrangements can be stressful, time-consuming and more expensive than you budgeted for. Add in all the different options and lenders, and it’s easy to keep putting things off. The good news is we can show you a simpler way forward.

What We Provide

At LoansCalc we pride ourselves on taking the stress out of the loan market from the moment you get in touch. We have created a range of simple calculators that are so straightforward you will know how to use them from the very first sight. Just what you want to hear when you’re looking for help and support that’s always available. We don’t give financial advice, but show you deep researched information across the internet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to break down how every loan works and use easy-to-understand language every step of the way. From there we address you toward your most promising options all with the click of a button. Perfect when you want to make progress in just a few minutes.

We strive to create the most comprehensive calculators on the market, so as to become a point of reference for those who are seeking this kind of information.

And if you need protection for your house, you will find precious general data about homeowners insurance, what to be aware of in your State, plus a unique calculator that shows you coverages and how much you can save.

There you have a place where you can find the answer to most of your primary financial matters, without all the distractions and confusion you find on many other dedicated websites.

Committing to always staying updated on the market of loans,  we provide you the information needed to help you plan your future expenses: each calculator comes with an amortization schedule, and you can compare most of the loans at a glance.

Our vision is to simplify things where they may seem complicated: we do all the research, while you sit back and find your answers.

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