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Originally founded in 2003, was intended to improve the consumers’ experience at every step of their auto buying lifecycle. Over the course of 17 years, the company has grown considerably, and its service of comparing car loans has gained an edge in the United States market. is undoubtedly one of the most reliable online platforms for getting car loans.

The company provides a thorough direct-to-consumer marketplace where a borrower can easily figure out which loan is best for financing a car purchase: these lenders are finance companies, banks, credit unions, automobile dealers and affiliatesMyAutoloan is not a direct lender, but has a variety of appealing features for prospective borrowers: it works by sending applications to up to four loan offers at the same time.

It does not collaborate with any lender or dealer directly. Instead, it allows independent lenders to communicate with consumers and vice versa. MyAutoloan itself doesn’t charge any sort of fees for the entire process.

Currently, the service is not available to residents of Alaska or Hawaii.

Product types provided

MyAutoloan provides 5 types of car ownership financing products, that are about borrowing or renting:

  • New auto – If you want to buy a new car directly from the dealership.
  • Used auto – Dealership is also available from Myautoloan for used cars, but only for those under 125,000 miles.
  • Refinance– People who are looking to save money by refinancing their auto loans can do so here, and there will be no payments for up to 90 days for qualified borrowers.
  • Private party – For consumers who prefer to purchase their cars from an individual, or are looking for a business or corporate-related vehicle.
  • Lease buyout – This loan allows you to cover the cost of leasing a vehicle, which is a great alternative to owning it.

If you are chasing a new car, there isn’t a lower limit to your loan. For used cars, you can borrow amounts from a minimum of $8,000 up to $100,000, depending on your credentials: credit score and annual income are the most important factors.

Myautoloan is also a car insurance provider, making itself the place to go when in need of everything about your car.

Company Highlights to know about

There are a number of reasons why myAutoloan stands out from the rest. First of all, it is a marketplace and as such is meant to make you save both time and money: unlike other similar online services, MyAutoloan allows potential dealers to make their cars offers to eligible buyers, and all consumers to find the best deals. Plus, it is one of the first online services of its kind, with a long-lasting experience that is a guarantee of quality.

Applicants need to only fill out one loan application, and in minutes you get multiple individualized offers. Every day you’ll find the today’s lowest rate.

The website has even a dedicated resources section with a finance guide, and advice on how to get a better credit, which is useful for obtaining the best rates. This must be valued especially if you don’t like fancy words, for the greater reason if that could cost your credit score or anyway unwise decisions.

Myautoloan has a simplistic layout: you open the portal and the first thing that you will see is them asking you what type of car loan you want. This is not certainly a unique feature, but the way it is done stands out from the crowd.

On the website, you can also find a payment calculator, that lets you know how much your loan repayments will be, once you have checked your qualifying rate. By the way, you may want to use our car loan tool right now.

The speed of getting auto loans offers is a valuable feature: within a few minutes, you are done.

What are Myautoloan rates and conditions?

Here is a list of what you’ll find through Myautoloan car loans :

  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) – It varies depending on one’s credit score. If you have a credit score above 720, you can expect rates as low as 2.49%- for purchasing a car, and 1.99% for refinancing an existing loan. But if you have poor credit, that is to say in the mid 500’s, you may go as high as 12.99% on either purchasing or refinancing.
  • Type of interest – You can receive offers both with fixed or variable interest rates, depending on lenders or dealers.
  • Borrowable amount – Like mentioned earlier, you can finance your car for amounts up to $100,000, so to afford pretty every make of vehicle.
  • Terms – Overall, there are repayment terms starting from 24 months, and up to 7 years. The longer your loan term is, the higher the interest you will be faced with.
  • Down payment – some lenders, but mostly dealers, will ask to make a little down payment, while others don’t.
  • Minimum credit score & requirements – Consumers are required to have at least a credit score of about 575 to get started. If you have lower credit than this, you will either have to wait and improve your credit score or consider asking the support staff if they can do anything.
  • Personal requirements – Being a US citizen or permanent resident, 18+ years old, holding a SSN. Must have a $24,000+ annual income, and no open bankruptcies.
  • Car requirements – your car should not have a mileage above 100,000. The vehicle’s age cannot exceed 8 years.


Here are a number of advantages that we could find on choosing myAutoloan as a platform to search and obtain a car loan:

Low rates available

Myautoloan can connect you with lenders offering among the lowest rates on the market, but if you can get those will still depend on your creditworthyness

Loan options

There is a loan for almost every borrowing need related to car financing. As long as it doesn’t fall into direct leasing of automobiles, you can get what you desire

The entire platform is built around the concept of getting a car loan as soon as possible. Consumers can expect offers in minutes.

  • Lending to bad credit borrowersscores falling in the mid 500’s are allowed to borrow, although with high interest applied

Supports co-signers

  • Being able to choose for co-signers is a benefit unusual for a car loan, that you won’t easily find through manual research: some lenders working with Myautoloan will do this, and it is crucial for improving your chance to qualify or to get a lower rate.


Here is a list of things that we found a little annoying or we wish weren’t present:

  • Possible hard credit checks with the first applicationA brief hard pull on the credit score can noticeably lower the credit score, however, multiple inquiries from Myautoloan will count as a single one

Customer service lacking by phone

Though the platform has been around for 17 years, its customer service doesn’t operate via phone. The only way to contact the support team is through email.

What customers like and dislike

From online reviews that we examined mainly from the Trustpilot website, there is mostly positive feedback about Myautoloan, along with a few negative reports.

Streamlined process

Users claim to be able to find offers in the quickest time, but they also enjoy to navigate around without needing to go through useless and confusing loops.


People who needed to refinance their current auto loans have explained that they got extraordinarily good rates through the service.

Special cases

In some circumstances, high APRs are complained of. In one instance, a customer got an APR of 7.99% (which is actually not that high) even with a credit score of over 800, while looking for a 36 or 48-month loan.


Some people have reported suffering from a buggy notification system where they got notifications about offers via mail. However, on logging in, no offers were then found.

Among the various acknowledgments, Myautoloan received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which assigns the company an A+ as for the level of managing complaints and overall service.

How to apply

After choosing a loan type, you are required to fill an application form with all the important information: personal details, and the ones about employment and financial status; submitting requires the creation of a login account. With the second step, depending on the lender, you may be required to include a copy of your current driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, personal reference contact information, and a pay stub with current year-to-date earnings.

It will take a few minutes at most, as long as you have the relevant information at arm’s length. Soon, you will start getting offers depending on your state and availability. Loan offers stay up until 30 days and applicants can reject if they want.

Some people say that the loan is delivered in under two weeks, but at least you can expect to be funded yet in the next business day. All of this depends on the servicer that can grant you the loan, as well as on the bank that has to process the transaction. Funding methods include ACH, blank check, bank deposit, and more.

Final Verdict is a highly considerable choice if you want to compare multiple car loan offers, rather than checking the conditions of a single company. Making available among the lowest rates you can find, it is by all means worth considering. The allowing of some credit scores in the bad credit range and possible use of a cosigner make this company a solution whereas you found it difficult to qualify for a car loan from banks or other approached lenders. However, if your priority is to be funded fast, the Myautoloan platform may not be the best choice in some cases; likewise, if you need even more variety and flexibility about lenders and dealers’ offers, or can’t do without phone assistance, you will find other car loans servicers more suited.

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