Best home insurance companies in 2021

The guide to the best home insurance companies


When deciding to protect your most precious asset with all its contents, it is of the utmost importance to make an informed choice, since it is an investment for your wealth integrity and a lifesaver. With so many companies out there, where you should look? What can you expect from them? There is a number of insurers you would ultimately rely on, but the answer to these questions is that they should meet at best your individual needs. Not only you are seeking good prices, but the following are the three other key factors you must consider, not necessarily in the same order of importance.

  • Market share of the company: how many policies that provider is actually underwriting? This is direct proof that people are trusting it, and there is customer retention. In a nutshell, the insurer concerned is performing well

  • Customer service reports: perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind when searching for a company are reviews from other homeowners. You want to know that they are comfortable with their insurer

  • Financial strength: if you want a full coverage for damages of any extent, you must avoid companies that haven’t references of being financially solid, or have low grades. Generally, you won’t have surprises if a catastrophe occurred, but if the insurer can only provide limited coverage (or is likely to go bankrupt), then you might get into financial troubles if something serious hits your house.

That said, we have based our extensive research on these benchmarks and found 12 insurance companies, most of which are present in all 50 States, that are well known by consumers reports, underwriting most of the policies in U.S., and assessed from major rating institutions.

Among a few others, our chosen points of reference for the insurance industry are J.D. Power, AM Best, Better Business Bureau, and NAIC.

J.D. Power is an American based global leader in data analytics: the company conducts surveys on customer satisfaction, quality of products, and buyers insights. We have considered the Home Insurance Study Score (updated at 2020) as for the overall evaluation of a company, where several things are accounted for, like customer service, policies, prices, and claims handling.

AM Best is a credit rating organization that deals with financial information (balance sheet, performance, etc.) about insurance companies: it gives a grade to their financial strength and ability to carry out what is arranged by the policies they subscribe to. Otherwise said, the higher it is rated, the more a company can guarantee your safety in the long run.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a non-profit unbiased organization, focused on consumers trust: it gathers information about a business like an insurance company, obtained from direct research which in particular comprises complaints from public data sources, then assign a rating based on how good the service interacts with users: number of claims filed, BBB’s opinion about the business properly responding to them if this is done in a timely manner, effort to resolve claims, eventual failures in resolution.

NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) is about state regulation of insurance and aimed to safeguard consumers, and provides an estimate of the reliability of a company by complaints ratios: these can be below, equal, or above expected average in proportion to size and number of policies written by that company.

The national companies with the best performance, according to the above mentioned evaluators, are:  Allstate, American Family, Amica, Chubb, Erie, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm Travelers, USAA.


-Our Choice!-

Great value for money
Average customer service
Cheap rates in most States
Less than competitive rates in some States
Lots of discoint available
Plenty of online educational tools
Excellent management of claims
Benefits for new homeowners
Several endorsements available
Unique coverages available
Premium protection

With Allstate you are indeed in good hands: this company consistently provides top-quality service to homeowners, as well as to drivers and in all other insurance sectors, with its almost ninety years of presence on the market. This wide corporation has gained a very strong reputation and ranks second as financial strength among hundreds of existing servicers.

Considering Allstate can be definitely recommended if you want to get the most out of your policy: not only does it offer competitive cheap rates, but you obtain a real bang for the buck. If you are a first home buyer, you will be happy to receive a discount for just this; plus, on the company website you will find an exhaustive source of information to understand and show the coverages you need, the risks that your home may face over time due to its location. To make sure you buy in all transparency, the “Premium Gauge Tool” will help you figure out what factors are influencing your policy rates. Even if you are totally new to the insurance subject, it will be easy and fast to gain knowledge for your decisions: a few other companies are doing this well.

You will get a nearly unparalleled complete spectrum of protection: on top of high limits for the building coverage, you may want to add optional coverages like water backup, scheduled personal property, business property, green-energy replacement, increased limits for gardens, and similar outside spaces. So, you can customize your policy until meeting your needs.

You will have ample coverage for your belongings, in fact, Allstate has endorsements on many special items, that would be otherwise excluded for their high value. If you were robbed of personal effects, there will be identity restoration, which is pure psychological relief.

An umbrella policy is also available, that will take care of any excess for liability claims which may arise.

Allstate is nearly unrivaled as for numbers of discounts possible: multi-policy bundling, anti-theft/fire protection, hail- resistant roof, loyalty and early signing (before current policy expires), saving up to 5% if you set auto-payment of rates, claim-free (switching), new construction home, first home buyers, new customers, elders, no-smokers, and others.

Pretty unique and very interesting extras are also available: a special guard against premium increase after a claim, and claim-free benefits, like stripping the deductible up to $500.

If you want to be certain that you will be adequately assisted and compensated for a claim, after serious damage or loss, Allstate is a safe investment: an A+ AM Best rating clearly points that the company is highly reliable and have the financial means to overcome your hardest times.

The only shortcoming we found is, based on a 3/5 JD Power score, their customer service being just fair: this suggests that most people have encountered an averagely good service, suffice to answer their questions and unpretentious, with eventual improvements towards excellence. So, if your absolute priority is having flawless support every time you need it, then you probably have better options; getting a quote from Allstate shouldn’t be missed if you want nearly everything from a policy with affordable rates.



AMICA pros: AMICA cons:
Top customer service and retention rate
Little online resources
Great overall value
Discounts missing in some States
Several discounts available
Smooth management of claims
Lots of reviews
Easy billing process
A wide plethora of extra coverages

Amica Mutual is a long-established company that serves homeowners and drivers, receiving an almost unique 5/5 rating from JD Power, a score that evaluates interaction with policyholders, the quality of offers, price, the billing process, policy information, and handling of claims. This clearly indicates impeccable customer service and great satisfaction and has performed high for the last eighteen years, no wonder it is among the top writers of insurance policies in the U.S. As well, it receives an A+ from Better Business Bureau. The company is active in 46 States, except for Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Hawaii.

You may want to know how the claims are easily managed, from start to end, and you get a high level of communication with the personnel who will be at your side whenever you are in need; moreover, Amica has the financial means (an A+ grade from AM Best) to save you from possible burden in the wake of severe damages or loss of your property. Curious to say, the company name is an Italian term, that means “female friend”, and that’s likely the attitude most people want by an insurer. An instance where Amica can support you is that it will help to find contractors for home repairs when usually you would do the research by yourself.

Amica receives lots of positive reviews across the internet so that you can verify by yourself what people are saying.

While rates are not low nationwide, if you’re in the hunt for discounts, there are a few interesting, but mind that they are not available everywhere and all. These discounts can be for 2- years minimum loyalty, switching to Amica, multi-line (bundling home and car insurance, life insurance, umbrella policy), new/remodeled homes, staying claim-free for 3 years, setting auto-payments, safety measures that you adopt for your house. However, the type and size of discounts vary among States.

Being a mutual company, Amica offers the sharing of dividends, so that you may have a return equal to a 5-20%, making you save yearly. This comes with a little extra cost of your premium.

Undoubtedly, Amica also stands out for the optional coverages available: replacement cost, catastrophe expenses including flood and earthquake, identity fraud protection in case of theft, its “loss assessment plan” for condo owners, home business and business property protection, broader flood insurance. A comprehensive choice policy is a package that includes most of these so that you will have complete protection if desired.

There are still some drawbacks: rates can be expensive for some States (and some people), which suggests that the company takes into great consideration the risk factors, and will adjust premiums accordingly. Besides, we found quality essential online resources, but perhaps lacking the possibility to go into details on one’s specific situation through the use of tools, which could be appreciated by first-time homeowners.

Overall, Amica is one of the best choices you can make.


Suitable to new homeowners
Slow management of claims
Handy website resources and high-tech tools
Available in 25 States only
Highly customizable policies
Average customer service
Lots of coverages
Number of discounts

American Family is a solid and trustworthy servicer that provides coverage for homes and nearly every other type of insurance. In fact, you can get insurance even if you don’t live in a standard house, but let’s say in a farm or ranch, a manufactured home, and for alternative uses like a vacation home, temporary rental, or vacant property. You may find it interesting that the company receives low complaints in proportion to the number of its policyholders, as assessed by the NAIC score: this tells you there is a common satisfaction among customers. Besides, an A grade from AM Best demonstrates a financial position to respond to the most substantial indemnification requests, while an A from BBB speaks of how well the company can respond to claims.

As for digital resources and information, American Family excels by all means: on its website, you will be guided through exhaustive knowledge of your future policy and about actions to take for improving the security of your residence, ideal if you’re a new homeowner. In particular, we encountered great transparency: you will find a comparison chart that shows you the differences in coverage limits of three policies (economy, traditional and premier protection), and the availability of optional coverages for each of them. There is a complete guide to ‘Smart Home Technology’ which is everything about home safety, preventing water damage, and energy efficiency, that will help you get a more secure home and ultimately save on your policy.

Also, the company has a mobile app that allows you to manage your payments, file a claim if needed, and track your status.

American Family rewards homeowners who can demonstrate responsibility: they offer a unique diminishing deductible feature, which will make you pay hundreds of dollars less out-of-pocket when a claim is settled.

A wide range of discounts are available for: bundling (multi-line, up to 20% on the home policy), safety measures and smart devices installed, recent homebuyers, auto-payments, paying the premium upfront, loyalty, home purchase (last three years), new home, upgraded plumbing, and power system, having family members as customers, paperless billing.

Deserving to be mentioned the long list of coverage extra options, among which: sump pump and water backup, undamaged siding, identity fraud expense coverage, personal injury, daycare, itemized property, temporary rental, equipment breakdown, service line (piping, wiring), home business.

On the other hand, reviews for its customer service are just average. American Family has a 3/5 score from JD Power, which means a fair experience, simply not the one that exceeds customer expectations; from Better Business Bureau reviews, it has been reported slow processing of claims, which is something you may not like, while you are in hard times. It may be better to look elsewhere if that is an essential factor for you, if you insist to receive a seamless interaction, and can do without all the benefits this company provides.


CHUBB pros CHUBB cons
Very good customer service
Not ideal if just basic coverage is needed
Best for high-end customers
Expensive (not aimed at average homeowners)
Website lacking interactivity
High limits of coverage for contents
Fast processing of claims

Chubb is the largest insurance provider with a global presence, well-established in the U.S., which specializes in insuring high-worth homes, vehicles, and items. Its financial strength is top, obtaining an A++ from AM Best, which means: whatever extent of loss you may suffer on your properties, you will be covered.

This company differentiates from others for fitting at best to the needs of wealthy homeowners: it can cover the most precious belongings like expensive artwork, jewelry, or breakables, having high limits of coverage that you won’t find anywhere else. Replacement cost (or a cash settlement) can be applied to personal properties: your belongings will be replaced for their current value, so you’ll get full compensation.

If you want a customer service ready to answer your questions, as well as to undertake any request of claim you will apply, then Chubb has a good reputation on this aspect, although it doesn’t exactly have a lot of reviews. Its way of processing claims is smooth and rapid, which can be definitely a crucial factor.

Their standard (Masterpiece) policy includes several things combined in a unique way you won’t retrieve in other insurance policies. In the first place, we find great the extended replacement cost option: if your house was severely damaged or lost, that will cover your house for repair or rebuilding (plus upgrading of building codes) even if the necessary amount exceeds the policy limits. Then, there are cash settlement (if you accept to not allocate in rebuilding), temporary living arrangements (hotels, comfortable lodgings), risk consulting (with appraisal), water back up. Moreover, humungous amounts and unique liability coverage limits can be reached.

An interesting option is the Property Manager Service for vacant houses (second or seasonal residences), which is a facilitation program for hurricane claims.

Depending on your State, discounts are available for: bundling home with car insurance, anti-theft, and fire protection measures, new/renovated home, living in a gated community, masonry construction, staying claims-free, storm shutters installed, living in the suburbs.

Chubb also offers what they call “extras”, that however are included in the Masterpiece policy: tree removal, electronic data recovery in case of cyber-theft, lock replacement, the Home Scan feature that is aimed to prevent damage. Wildfire Defense Services, which are management techniques aimed to limit damage are also available at no additional cost (but require enrolling in the program) and will help in prevention, approaching of the peril and in the aftermath, while they are not meant as a coverage.

There are a few disadvantages you have to consider: we noticed a website scarce interactivity, at least compared to online resources available from other insurers, which is something you may expect if you are a first-time homeowner and seek guidance; you will need to directly find an agent for receiving information and a quote for your situation. Reviews about Chubb are discordant, and it receives only a 2/5 score from JD Power, which means a below-average customer satisfaction (although with an index of 775/1000, that is good in itself). Finally, given that Chubb certainly deserves consideration, it is definitely better to look elsewhere if you are on a budget, need just a pretty basic policy, and your properties to be covered are not particularly high-value.


ERIE pros ERIE cons
Excellent customer service
Present only in 12 States
Cheap premiums
Questionable support for claims
Good value for money
Independent agents with a local presence
Guaranteed replacement cost available
Highly customizable policies

Erie is a solid insurance provider, one of the largest in the U.S. regardless of its little presence, with a high reputation, also thanks to top ratings from the leader dedicated institutions: it can boast a 5/5 score from JD Power (ranks second after Amica in the 2019 study) and A+ from AM Best. This tells you there is great customer satisfaction overall, and you will be financially safe in case of severe damage or loss of your home.

In details, we have found several feedbacks reporting ready answers from the Erie’s support team , which is a sought after component from an insurance company. You will get a comprehensive standard policy, with many possibilities of customization: for instance, your liability coverage can also apply when home away, something you don’t necessarily find in competitors’ policies.

Erie’s basic policy includes: a rare guaranteed replacement cost for the house (although not available in all States and with all policies: compensate to rebuild home no matter how much it is), personal properties extensive coverage, protection for hard-to-replace items like important paperwork, wide limits for valuables, animals coverage. We can witness great transparency on the company website, you won’t have surprises because of misleading advertisements.

There is also a nice variety of optional coverage: personal liability, water backup, and sump overflow, jewelry and other valuables, aggressive pets, home business, identity recovery, service line ( recovers underground utility lines and pipes).

On top of affordable rates, you may be eligible for discounts for things like multi-policy bundling (around 20%), alarm systems installed, early subscription after a quote.

Like every other company, Erie is not without shortcomings: among a good general satisfaction, we found complaints of various types on the claims issue, including denials or subpar support. While you certainly have several interesting benefits from this company, you should prefer others if you can’t compromise on this crucial aspect.



High coverage limits for houses
Average customer service
Lots of discounts available
Discordant customers reports
Affordable rates
Highly customizable policies
Claim-free rewards
Quick and smooth claims
Mobile app available


Farmers Insurance Group is among the largest insurance companies in the U.S., delivering coverage for homes, cars, life, small businesses, and a complete range of lines. It has enough financial strength to prove a safe choice for every homeowner, in fact, it is given an A+ from AM best; besides, we have found a good overall customer satisfaction, considering aspects as prices, policies, processing of claims, and functionalities.

Besides a traditional house, a wide range of residences can be insured: condos, manufactured, mobile, vacant, seasonal, investment properties. The main highlight of Farmers is definitely how versatile are its products for its customers. Whether you are a new or longtime homeowner, your needs will be met by one of the three tiers of policy available: standard, which is enough for the basic coverages; enhanced (higher limits and including extra features) and premier, which comes with top limits and coverage on personal property, and can include guaranteed replacement cost. This last is an uncommon and critical feature that will recover your house for any amount needed, in case of being destroyed, even beyond the policy limits.

Each of these packages is furtherly customizable: you can manipulate the various limits, and actually decide which coverages you need. Regardless of the policy chosen, there are constant elements that will be included: declining deductibles, plus eligibility for staying claims-free, and claim forgiveness discounts; cosmetic damage repair which comes in hand when there is functional damage.

One of the advantages of choosing Farmers is that it offers low competitive rates for high-value properties, so for instance if you live in a large home, more than $200,000 worth (or you know by your agent its value will increase over time) and are concerned with the best deal for it.

There are interesting optional coverages: eco-rebuild (a meaty extra if you choose to replace materials and appliances with green alternatives), brand new contents replacement cost, identity-theft. Farmers also can provide earthquake insurance as an endorsement of whatever policy you have.

Depending on your State, various discounts are available for: multi-line policies, energy efficiency measures and protective devices installed (directly recommended), general maintenance of the house, claims-related, non-smokers, professional, home renovation (upgrading heating, power or plumbing systems), newer homes, impact-resistant roof, and some others.

On the other hand, Farmers receives a 3/5 score from JD Power, which suggests a fair but not seamless customer service. You may certainly want to consider other people’s reviews when choosing your future insurer: no two situations are equal, and some homeowners’ circumstances may not be always taken care of under one’s best expectation. If an impeccable service is imperative to you, there are surely better options, assuming you can waive all the benefits this company still provides.



Many discounts available
Controversial processing of claims
Inflation protection
Base rates can be high
Lots of coverages available
Complaints about the customer service
Useful online resources
24/7 emergency repair service
Ease of the quote process
Mobile app available


Liberty Mutual has more than one hundred years of presence in the insurance market, and a global presence also outside the U.S., where it is the third larger company. Besides homeowners, it also provides car insurance, and several other lines like condo, renters, landlord, motorcycle, boat and watercraft, flood, business, critical illness insurance. It has a first level financial status, receiving an A from AM Best: although there are companies that have plus over the same mark, the score means reliability when you need economic support for facing possible catastrophes, and that is right the ultimate purpose of a policy. An A+ grade from BBB is also notable.

Where Liberty Mutual stands out is definitely the number of discounts and coverages it offers: a standard policy covers the basics that typically you will also find from other insurers, and you can add several perks in the form of endorsements to satisfy particular needs. Among these, mind the inflaction protection, which allows you to automatically see the coverage limits adjusted for variations of building material costs, in case it was necessary to repair your home, and to preserve your premium from sudden increases accordingly. A 24/7 emergency home repair service also comes in handy for the most concerned homeowners. The company doesn’t fall short as for tech: its mobile app will allow you to manage your account, tracking status, and virtualize your policy for convenience.

Interesting benefits you may be looking for are: for green rebuilding, which means you will save if opting for substituting home components with environment-friendly ones (after damage); everywhere coverage for your belonging, so if you were stolen when are outside home, let’s say during a trip or in the middle of a vacation, your policy will apply to cover that loss. This is not something you consistently find among insurers.

Optional coverage and endorsements include identity fraud expenses, valuables (jewelry and documents), scheduled personal property, home business.

Then there are discounts for multi-policy, first-time insurance buyers, new/renovated homes, new roof, safety devices, staying claim-free, setting autopayments, exclusive group members (professional associations), early shopper (getting a quote before expiring of the old policy), online billing. However, the availability of these discounts varies by State, and without eligibility, your premium rates can be quite high.

The company has undoubtedly sore points you want to take into account: a 2/5 score from JD Power exhibits a subpar customer satisfaction, along with negative reviews and complaints we found on the internet, mainly referring to customer service quality and management of claims, as for responsiveness, ease of the process, timing and payments. We found certainly lots of useful information on the website, but you will need logging-in to access the products (policies and coverages) details. That said, getting a quote from Liberty Mutual is easy and fast: see how it compares in your State, and don’t neglect all you can get.



Complete spectrum of coverages
Pricy policies
Uncommon useful options
Below average customer service
Online service for claims
Good baggage of discounts
Easy to get quotes

Nationwide is a large group of companies focusing on financial services, property, and casualty insurance, dealing also with policies for condos, renters, motorcycle, business, travel, and a few others, configuring a complete insurance provider. This variety of products and the possibility to bundle several of these policies, saving on the price of each, is definitely an edge of this company. It receives an A+ from Better Business Bureau, which means a capability to manage claims of first-class; nonetheless, it has an A mark from AM Best, which tells you of a high financial position, ideal for supporting the humungous potential costs of rebuilding your home if impacted by extreme situations.

If you are seeking complete coverage for virtually everything related to your home, Nationwide will do the job very well. Among the many options, we find particularly interesting the better roof replacement, which will substitute a damaged roof with a safer one, and that will make you save over time. Also, Nationwide provided content replacement cost (brand new belongings) will fix the depreciation difference of a wrecked household item. Still, you can insure your home for its actual cash value, which in most cases will get you a lower premium; as an extra, you might instead opt for a replacement cost plus, which adds a 20% coverage on top of your home repairing or rebuilding cost, so to have more confidence that damage or loss will be fully compensated.

Other elective coverages are: ordinance/law (rare, ideal for older homes: covers the cost of building codes), replacement costs for upgrading home components like HVAC; water backup, valuables, identity theft, equipment breakdown, and eco-friendly equipment replacement plus, removal of mold. Earthquake insurance is available as an endorsement.

Very attractive is the list of discounts, whereas you can be eligible for things like: a multi-policy, protective devices installed, claim-free, being new homebuyers (having purchased within the last 12 months), home renovations (upgraded heating and cooling, plumbing and power systems), living in a gated community (with vehicles entrances protected), prior insurance, age and surface type of roofs.

Nationwide gives you the possibility to manage your policy directly online: getting the paperwork, change your coverages, make payments, or filing a claim. We also encountered its website transparency, above all in the claims section, and a learning center suited to first-time homeowners.

Despite all these benefits, the company falls behind competitors for customer satisfaction: a 2/5 JD Power score and complaints that you can find in online reviews speak for themselves. However, it must be said that in recent years there has been a crescent, a good amount of dissatisfaction toward insurers in general, for varied reasons; you should always see numbers, or the big picture: your situation may be similar to one complainer, but will never be identical, so don’t just assume you will get along. If you can bypass this not so good reputation, then Nationwide is by all means worth a quote.


Comparing rates and coverages from multiple companies
Suboptimal customer satisfaction
Affordable prices in some States Prices, coverages, and discounts vary by State
Attractive and numerous discounts
Smooth process of getting quotes
Highly informative and transparent website

Progressive is a recognized complete insurance servicer for drivers, homeowners, renters, commercial properties, and several other lines, with a long-dated reputation in its industry, also providing financial products. It is a financially strong company, in fact, it earned an A+ from AM Best: what matters to you is that your claims can be fully compensated even if they are extremely costly. Progressive has 24/7 customer service, not something which you necessarily find in every insurer, and this can be beneficial and is wanted by lots of people.

The company doesn’t underwrite directly its policies, but puts you in contact with third-parties and makes you obtain quotes from multiple partner companies: this is advantageous if you want to have more options for your situation, as you will compare rates and coverages, giving one only time your information. This is likely to be ideal for many first-time home-buyers who don’t have time (and energy) to put in shopping but want to make a weighed and relatively rapid choice; on the other hand, your final policy will be subject to the actual subscriber, who for instance will administer claims, that is where you may prefer direct, non-mediated support.

Progressive will make you appealing to bundle home and car insurance with the single deductible option: when an accident involves both your house and vehicle (e.g. a tree falling on a detached garage), your out-of-pocket contribution at the time of settlement will be a unique sum (instead of two separate deductibles), which is unobtainable elsewhere, to our knowledge. An interesting, worth considering add-on to your policy is the Inflation Guard, which adjusts coverage limits for the market variations, and can apply to include pools and outdoor components of your residence.

Optional coverages we found are: water back-up (overflow from the sump pump and sewer systems) and personal injury (extends liability for both yourself and against other people, including slander or libel).

If eligible, and living in a State where they are available, you will benefit from discounts for: bundling, signing policy within 10 days since getting a quote (quote in advance), alarms and safety devices installed, new home purchase, new construction, renovated home (with upgrades), paying one year upfront, email instead of paper documents, getting a contractor appraisal.

Moreover, exploring the Progressive website, we can witness a handy experience, and found it to be quite informative about all the insurance and common questions of homeowners: you will know what’s covered and what is not, prior to making any decisions about your policy; that is desirable especially if you are a first-timer and need the many things to be clarified. If you are a driver and necessitate car insurance, you will find extremely useful the company app to manage your policy, and that includes roadside assistance.

While Progressive receives fewer complaints than competitors, there are negative reviews on the side of customer satisfaction; besides, a 3/5 JD Power score means fair customer service, leaving certainly rooms for improvements. Be mindful that those experiences are at least in part related to consumers’ final choices of the underwriter, which in turn might not have been optimal for their situation; sometimes, there are specific situations which, for varied reasons, can’t be addressed as expected.

Overall, Progressive is still definitely a reliable insurer, and if you are confident enough to make the best choices, your priority is saving while checking among more coverages options all that once, accepting the normality of possible, yet not so common drawbacks, then you can surely proceed getting quotes from this company.



Top financial strength
Discounts and coverages vary by States
Highly personalized quotes and coverages
Minimal discounts
Great customer service and satisfaction
No benefits for first-time homeowners
Very affordable rates in some States
Plentiful coverage amounts
Smooth handling of claims
In-app service and online resources

State Farm is likely the most known national insurer, the first in the U.S. as for market share, providing coverage for traditional homes, condo, renters, farm, ranch or manufactured homes, commercial, business properties, and on lines of insurance like auto, life, and few others. Financial services of various kinds are also available.

The best value of this company is that it offers generally low prices for its top quality and outstanding reputation: it receives lots of positive consumer reviews, and in several States, you will find State Farm rates to be among the most competitive. For its position, it comes without surprise a financial strength of the first rank: AM Best gives State Farm an A++ (Superior) grade, so especially if you suspect a high-impact hazard, like a wildfire or hurricane, to involve your home at some point, then you are safe to be always and completely indemnified.

JD Power evaluates the company with an uncommon 4/5, which is among the top five in the study, or better than most, which means very good customer satisfaction overall. A claims network is available 24 hours a day, online or by phone, and customer service, in general, is reported to be of high quality.

The process of getting quotes is accurate, although not exactly instant: you will get tailored rates, since you can manipulate coverages (e.g.home replacement vs actual cash value) and deductilbles, and discounts can be automatically applied to see how they impact the premium. On the website you find tools and quality resources: State Farm Mobile App is extremely handy and useful especially for car owners; the 360 Value helps determine your home replacement cost. Through the website is possible to pay insurance and bills, enroll in autopay, obtaining an insurance ID card, plus have a comprehensive learning center about the issues of home insurance, an essential guide for scrupulous homeowners.

As for contents, a State Farm policy can cover, beyond the commonest belongings: jewelry and other valuables, hobbies items like musical instruments, business equipment, garden contents. Like with any other insurance company, if your car is damaged while being parked in the home garage, it can’t be covered under the homeowner’s policy, unless it has its own coverage in a bundled policy or standalone car insurance. Some things have specified limits of coverage: computers, cash, silverware, and goldware, etc., but you can increase their limits with add-ons.

You may be eligible for discounts for things like: a multi-line policy, home alert protection( installing protective and monitoring anti-theft and fire/smoke devices), automatic fire sprinklers, impact-resistant roof; also, staying claim-free and updating home utilities (with a prior appraisal). Higher deductibles from which to choose are another way to lower your premium, assuming the risk to pay more on your own when a claim is settled.

State Farm puts at your disposal, including in the policy The Premier Service Program, that is about water mitigation measures (e.g.removal of water), flooring installation, and roofing services: it helps you identifying and selecting a general contractor who will make an estimate and do the needed repairs or rebuilding, saving you from the hassle and the risk of finding subpar qualified professionals.

Compared to companies of the same level, State Farm doesn’t shine on the number of discounts, and you may find short of them if living in some States, like New York, Pennsylvania, Alaska, North and South Dakota. If you have made, or planning renovations to your home, like upgrading electrical and plumbing systems, you won’t get any discount as well. We also find some information on the website, for instance about coverages, to be too concise, whereas users might expect more interactivity and specifics on their future policy, before deciding to proceed. Considering these gaps, if you are a new homeowner, you may prefer to look elsewhere. Otherwise, State Farm is on the front line of insurers to be considered, and should nearly always deserve a quote evaluation.


Top financial strength
Subpar customers satisfaction
Lots of coverages available
Rates and coverages vary by State
Good management of claims
Suitable to green homes owners
Excellent for insuring of contents
Competitive rates

Travelers is one of the largest auto and home insurance providers, a well-known name by consumers, selling also coverage for boats, business, commercial properties, and more. The company receives a superior A++ grade from AM Best, so you will never have a problem with a claim as to the money matters, but also tells you it is an established insurer thanks to certain customer retention. We found its customer service to be average or above, and the ability to respond to a claim is very good, as rated with an A+ from Better Business Bureau.

Where Travelers has indeed an edge over other insurers (equaled in this only from Chubb, which however is generally costlier) is the extent of how your belongings can be protected: with extra coverage, you can augment their limits, include every possible category of item and saving it from nearly every kind of peril. Travelers have also a kind of focus on “green homes”, that is to say, built at least in part with materials aimed to respect the environment or using alternative energy: if you have such a house, you can get both a dedicated coverage and discount.

The online portal is transparent, concise, and tech-friendly: you can educate yourself about the home insurance basics, and by logging in you can access your policy information and status, pay bills, and track claims; if you are a driver, with the Travelers’ Mobile app you can do the same things plus calling for roadside assistance. Open House is a tool for prospective new home buyers that checks for permitted updates and repairs that have been made in the future home, which is useful to understand how the building will be seen from an insurer’s point of view.

Very interesting are the optional coverages: enhanced personal properties, contents replacement cost, additional home replacement cost, personal articles floaters (e.g.musical instruments, computers, cameras, wedding rings ), valuables plus endorsement (jewelry, silverware, furs, etc.), identity fraud expenses (up to $25,000), green homes, water backup/discharge/overflow.

You can be eligible for discounts like multi-policy (home insurance bundled with car, umbrella, boat, or a floater), loss –free (not filing claims for a specified amount of time), new homebuyers, safety devices, and/or smart home technology installed, green homes.

As for customer approval, there are several complaints about Travelers over the internet, plus an index ratio of 1,27 (higher than average) from NAIC; it couldn’t do better than a 2/5 score from JD Power. The dissatisfaction is about varied issues but generally refers to customer service: keep in mind, though, that relatively small samples are considered for these ratings. When a high number of policies are involved, a proportionally higher likelihood of negative feedback arises: if you can keep stand with that, you will benefit from Travelers as for rates, coverages, and overall trustworthiness, then see if a quote from this company is worth considering the final choice.


USAA pros USAA cons
Tailored for military members and their families
Doesn’t allow policies to non-members
Excellent customer service and satisfaction
Coverages and discounts limited in some States
Top financial strength
Very affordable rates
Unique and quality coverages
Online claims

USAA is a long-standing company only available to servicemen and their families, offering a broad range of insurance products: auto, home, life, renters, condo, mobile home, rental property, farm/ranch, umbrella, earthquake, as well as a variety of financial products. It has the highest marks from leader raters: this company obtained a 5/5 score from JD Power, which means among the best customer satisfaction on the market, performing this well for years (together with Amica Mutual); an A++ from AM Best, that is to say, you will be fully indemnified regardless the extent of eventual damage or loss; a lower than average complaints ratio, according to the NAIC three-years survey score.

On the company website, there is general information about home insurance and its other products, besides it is possible to pay your bills, get documents or easily manage a claim; with the USAA mobile app, you can do the same for your auto insurance.

USAA has all the typical features of a standard homeowners insurance, with some perks: full replacement cost coverage for items, property insurance extended to belongings in a war zone, unlimited loss-of-use coverage (additional expenses for living outside while the home is repaired or rebuilt), coverage for military uniform and identity theft (up to $5,000).

You will also find some rare optional coverages: home-sharing, water backup/sump pump overflow, additional computer breakdown, valuables, identity theft (increased limits), earthquake as a standalone, home protector endorsement (including ordinance and inflation guard).

Across the nation, but not every and for all States, there are possible discounts for: bundling with auto, multiple USAA products, professionally installed systems (like alarms, cameras, etc.), home age, impact-resistant roof, having water and gas leak sensors; firewise USA if you live in some prone to fire areas of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas or Utah); claim-free, loyalty from 2 years on.

Apart from unavailability for ordinary people, there are a few other drawbacks: you may live in a State where some discounts and add-ons are missing; also, on the USAA website some basic information about coverages are slightly elusive and too much concise, in our opinion. Little details about your policy are revealed before you go on with creating an account or getting a quote. This may make some prospective customers turning their heads toward other companies. Anyway, if you or your family are military members or veterans, USAA is a complete insurer for coverages with a top reputation and will be probably your best choice.