Can home insurance be canceled or not renewed?

Can home insurance be canceled or not renewed?

Once you get your homeowners policy, you certainly made a critical step for your safety, but still, have to take care of a few things over time. There is worry about if an insurer can drop one’s policy, that being the case the insured would feel somewhat abandoned and rightly in a position of risk. Truth is: yes, your home policy can both be canceled and not renewed, for some different reasons, in most cases being for the insured fault; in other, external causes might make the insurance company decide so.

A policy can be dropped after a short period, like a few months, forTwo major reasons: either you haven’t paid the installments, or you have been caught in a fraudulent practice.

Why actually your policy can be dropped?

Premised that the insurer will let you know in advance that your policy is going to be canceled or not renewed, with a time window to proceed depending on the insurance company, the reasons for that can be the following:

Not every factor is important in the same way: some will impact more or less on the likelihood to get a policy from another insurer.