Check Into Cash payday loans review

Check Into Cash


Overview: best for variety of services and safety

Check Into Cash is one of the most relevant names in the payday loans industry, with a hefty 28 years experience, and a nationwide resonance. The company pioneered the payday loan product at the national level in 1993, and since then it commits to following the highest standards in its business, nonetheless being among the largest lending companies in the U.S.

With more than one thousand shops in 22 States, Check Into Cash’s services cater to people seeking urgent financing, overcoming the possible limit of having bad credit, through several short-term loan solutions: it defines itself as “Your One-stop money shop”. Whenever you are in need to deal with unforeseen bills or any expenses that are temporarily out of budget, you can count on Check Into Cash for lifting some financial burden.

Unlike many other dedicated lenders, you will be able to borrow very small amounts, such as $50, and generally up to $1,000, based on the regulations of your State.

Your need for easy money is fulfilled through fast processing times: you will be in and out of the store the same day, and online, you may be able to obtain the funds in less than 24 hours, but up to 48 hours depending on your circumstances.

Besides payday loans, the company also provides installment loans, lines of credit, title loans, and even secured loans; moreover, the “flex loan”, a unique product of this lender, is available. It is also possible to do checks cashing, paying bills, buy pre-paid debit cards, money orders, and transfer services.

For many of these, you can apply online in just a few moments.

22 States are served with physical stores, but Check Into Cash’s availability reaches 30 states thanks to the online platform.

How does a loan from Check Into Cash work?

Getting a loan from Check Into Cash can be done both online and at a physical store, where it is present: this means that not all States have lending points of the company. On the website, you can easily see and request all the information you need, before approaching a payday loan.

Payday loans are a quick way of financing, which is suited especially to cover unexpected expenses: compared to standard personal loans, they are smaller, must be repaid in a very short time, usually 8-30 days, and in a lump sum. This avoids carrying forward a debt for years, and the repayment should be fully covered with your next paycheck. There is much convenience overall, but the catch is in very high interest rates.

Installment loans have more affordable rates and higher amounts to borrow, but come with longer terms. In contrast, a payday loan is started and finished in a matter of two weeks as average.

Despite the type of loan you choose, you can take only one loan at once: for instance, you can’t have both the above-mentioned loans active simultaneously.

Your loan term will differ upon the State you live in, the charged fee as well is going to vary, also depending on how much you borrow. The average loan term you will find from Check Into Cash is 14 days.  If you need fast funding, this lender is a valuable option, especially if you ask for the money in-store, but you’ll have to wait a little longer if you turn to the online platform.

As with all payday loans, there is no interest in a strict sense, but a flat fee applied for every $100 borrowed:  the APR (annual percentage rate) will translate in a 300-400%, with serious rates for the greatest sized loans. If for instance you borrowed $300 and assuming the fee was $25, you’ll end up paying $375. The details on applicable fees are disclosed on the Check Into Cash website.

Mind to be punctual with repayments: there is a late payment penalty, which is 5% of the loan amount if you are more than 15 days late, but this may change in your state. Also, expect a missed payment fee of $25 or $30.

There won’ be any application fee when you take a payday loan from  Check Into Cash, but it will if you submit an installment loan.

And here is a resume of what you can expect:

Borrowable amounts$50- $5,000
Loan term2-4 weeks, varies by state
Loan typeUnsecured
Disbursement timeline1-2 business days
Charged fee (interest)$15-$45 for every $100 borrowed, varies depending on the loan amount and state of residency
Other feesLate payments penalty, missed payments fee
Requirements21+years old (19+ for Alabama residents), US citizen/permanent resident, active bank account, proof of a steady source of income, checking account (most recent 30-day bank statement) and bank routing number, Social Security Number or ITIN (for Indiana residents only). Minimum income not specified
Min. credit scoreN/A

The amount you’ll be able to borrow, the cost of your loan, and everything are predictable before you apply: more details about your eligible terms and requirements are state-regulated and available on the Check Into Cash website.

There is a slight difference applying in-store or online as for documentation: if you do walk in, you need to provide a post-dated check or checking account data, while online the bank routing number.

Why should you choose Check Into Cash?

As for payday loans, there are several great choices out there. Check Into Cash has some interesting edges: foremost, it has wide coverage in the U.S., which is done through the online service; plus, it contributed to founding the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA), which is the leading trade organization for short-term loans. The company also works closely with specialists to enforcing the law in its industry. What this means to you: the lender is safe, and respects righteous practices.

You may want to know it also engages in donations toward communities that underwent natural disasters, and support organizations like Habitat for Humanity and several others as humanitarian help.

Moreover, you will have several other financial products at your fingertips, making it a one-place-fits-all kind of company. Check Into Cash strives to provide the fastest service possible, without sacrificing the quality: in minutes, you will know if you qualify for a loan and for what cost, without any obligation to proceed or seeing your credit score affected.

Not least, it gives you some flexibility as for repayments, in fact, you can choose to postpone your due date, by notifying the customer service, whose performance is commonly acclaimed by current and past borrowers as well.

Take a look both at the benefits and drawbacks to make your best choice.



  • Available both online and with stores
  • Very low borrowable amounts
  • Transparency on charged fees
  • Reputation as a safe lender
  • Top-notch customer service

There are many ways to connect with Check Into Cash, besides going to a store: should you need everything to know about a loan, you can reach the customer service through phone, live chat, email, and social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The service will be ready to answer your doubts and address any issue you may encounter.



  • Relatively high rates
  • Not available in all states

The company offers sustainable rates for payday loans, however such loans are still expensive, and you might find lenders charging lower interest, even for the same service. If Check Into Cash is missing in your state, you won’t have other choice that looking elsewhere.


Is Check Into Cash reliable?

Payday loan lenders should be always carefully evaluated, because of possible illicit conduct. Check Into Cash is one of the few lenders to receive accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, which gives the company an A+ mark. This has to do with the ability to meet the customers’ expectations, thus the quality of this service is very high, including dealing well with arising complaints.

The website uses cutting-edge technology to make sure your shared personal and financial data that are submitted with the application can’t be stolen and stay safe; the lender also has a detailed privacy policy.

Furthermore, many customers left feedback about their experience on reviews portals, as we discuss later, and they are positive for the most part.


How do you apply to a Check Into Cash payday loan?

The entire application is streamlined so that you won’t incur any stress. To obtain a loan from Check Into Cash, there is a few information you will need to submit when you apply online, besides your personal details:

  • SSN
  • A valid photo ID
  • Your employment status and income
  • Proof of income (recent pay stub)
  • A recent bank statement (proof of active account)
  • Bank routing number

The same documentation is of course required at a store, with the exception of the routing number.

There is a prequalification step,  where you are asked minimal information about you and your financial status, which gives you the chance to see your loan rates and term; at this stage, your credit score won’t be impacted.  You will receive the outcome in minutes, then if positive, you will be guided to complete your application by providing the above-mentioned documents. Again, the process will last a few minutes.

Qualification requirements can slightly vary among States.

Next, you will be contacted by a representative for verification of the declared information, otherwise, you will have to complete this in person at a store, and the loan agreement will be given to you. Once signed, you should be funded on your bank account within the same or next business day, upon circumstances. A slight credit pull on your score will be done per funded loan, but that’s the norm with loans in general.

The repayments are made by deducting the loan amount plus the fee from the bank account on the due date. This avoids late payments unless you chose the manual repayment option.

Everything is stated in the document of your loan agreement, so you’ll be safe that no hidden fees are charged.

Check Into Cash offers the chance to stretch the loan term, but it will come with a fee. You have just to call the customer service to make the request. Since the term is yet short, its extension can’t be brought too forward without seeing your due amount greatly increased.

Your activity with Check Into Cash will be reported to major credit bureaus: it will negatively affect your credit history if you collect debts from missed payments, or you are frequently late with them.


How is Check Into Cash rated?

We inquired into the most used platforms for reviews and found an overall very good reputation for this lender. Check Into Cash gets 4.5/5 stars over more than 900 ratings on Trustpilot, and a remarkable 4.9/5 score over 2,000+ reviews on Consumer Affairs. What all these feedbacks have in common is the professionalism and kindness of the customer service, along with the mentioning of a slender process of getting a loan. Most people just seem to achieve what they were looking for. In contrast, some few consumers whine of high rates and credit pulls, but these things are a necessary evil with payday loans. Also, sporadic technical issues are reported.


Bottom line

Check Into Cash is a safe lender which you can rely on for your emergency expenses. You can borrow both small and large amounts, and you can do it online or at a dedicated store; you will get the money quite fast, and the customer service will care of everything, making sure you are given the financial relief you deserve, with a kind approach.

The only thing is that you must be ready for high rates, much above the regular APRs applied to a conventional personal loan.

If you found that Check Into Cash is not available in your State, or you are just unsure about this company, we suggest also taking a look at our other preferred choices.